Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame

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The deadline for nominations is April 1st annually, however, nominations are accepted at any time. Nomination forms and information on eligibility is available here. Nominations remain on file for a period of three years.

Nomination General Information

Eligible Sports

Eligible sport candidates for induction must meet one (1) of the guidelines below, and additionally meet two (2) of the remaining three (3) criteria below:

  1. It is physical, competitive and adheres to the standard rules.
  2. It is a member of, or affiliated with, a provincial or national sport federation.
  3. It is included in multi-sport events: (i.e.) Olympics, Pan American, Canada Games, Provincial Games, etc.
  4. It is, or has been, recognized by Sask Sports Inc on their list of provincial sports.


* In any given year, however, the Induction Selection Committee may put forward exceptions to the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors for review.

Eligibility of Athletes for Nomination

  • The nominee must be a Saskatoon native or a resident during the period for which outstanding performance is claimed.
  • The nominee must have represented sport with distinction in athletic competition; both in Saskatoon and outside the province; or whose example has brought great credit to the sport and high respect for the individual; and whose conduct will not bring discredit to the Hall.
  • The nominee must have compiled an outstanding record in one or more sports.

Eligibility of Builders for Nomination

  • The nominee must be a Saskatoon native or a resident during the period for which outstanding service is claimed.
  • The nominee must have meritoriously served sport for a period of at least twenty (20) years not necessarily consecutively or in one sport.
  • The nominee must have had a career, which combines wholly or in part, the qualities specified mentioned stated above in such a way as to make their contribution to sport of an outstanding nature, and whose conduct will not bring discredit to the Hall.
  • The nominee must be an individual with substantial connections to Saskatoon. The term builder should be defined to illustrate a variety of functions including coach, official, administrator, patron, media (journalist/broadcaster) and sports medicine.
  • The individual previously inducted as an athlete who then goes on to become an administrator in the same sport should not be inducted as a builder in the same sport.

Eligibility of Teams for Nomination

  • The nominated team must have been based in Saskatoon when the win was acclaimed and documented and be comprised of Saskatoon residents during the period of the competition.
  • Saskatoon teams winning a national, international, or world championship, or reaching the ultimate level of achievement in their sport may be eligible for entry into the Hall of Fame.
  • Generally speaking, in a sport where athletes compete in individual events the team will not be eligible for a team induction.

Waiting Period

  • Athletes should generally not be inducted for at least five (5) years after they have finished competing (retired).
  • The five-year term would not generally apply to builders.
  • Teams comprised of the same personnel must wait five (5) years before they are eligible for induction.
  • A team of a specific year should generally not be inducted for at least five (5) years after their accomplishment.

Nomination Deadline

  • The nomination deadline is APRIL 1 annually.
  • Nominations should be sent by mail or courier.
  • All individual nominations should include a 5x7 black and white head and shoulders photograph of the nominee (team nominations should include an 8 x 10 photograph). Photographs must include the name of the photographer on the back. A letter from the photographer must accompany all photographs authorizing the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame to use the photograph on its Wall of Fame, for the video presentation and for publicity purposes as it applies to the Induction Dinner and Ceremony. The Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame will acknowledge the photographer for every use. Please be aware that photographs are not returned to the nominator.

Additional Information

  • Nominations may originate with an individual, club or association and must be signed by the nominee and the nominator. Nominations should be typed and forwarded to the Saskatoon Field House
  • Nominations should outline as much factual information as possible, giving details of the accomplishments of the nominee. Where possible, the claimed details of the accomplishments or service record should be supported by documentary evidence.
  • Nominations must be submitted on the required form and must include a 5 x 7 black and white photograph for individual nominees and a 8 x 10 photograph for team nominees.
  • The Selection Committee will review the nominations and a list of selected nominees will be submitted to the Board of Directors for final approval. If the nomination does not meet the required criteria, the nominator will be notified following the meeting. If the nomination is accepted but not chosen for that particular year for induction, the nominator will be notified and the file reviewed the following year.
  • All files are the property of the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame and kept for historical research purposes, accepted or retired.

Nomination Forms

Download Nomination Information Package

Download Athlete Nomination Form

Download Builder Nomination Form

Download Team Nomination Form