Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame

Saskatoon Field House, 2020 College Drive, (306) 664-6744

History of the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame

The dream of a Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame began in 1984, the first induction ceremonies were held in 1987 and today, the hall continues to be a focal point in the celebration of Saskatoon athletes, builders and teams.

Dr. Howard Nixon The idea of a Saskatoon hall was brought forward by Dr. Howard Nixon in March, 1984, received City Council approval in September, 1984, and the first board of directors was elected in October, 1984.

The first board established the procedures and guidelines which would be used to honor Saskatoon people who have contributed to sports, either as athletes, builders or participants on teams. The efforts of the board were strongly supported by the City of Saskatoon, the Saskatoon Field House management and the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame.

Much of the criteria for honoring athletes, builders and teams came from the Saskatchewan Hall of Fame, which has been inducting noteworthy sportsmen and sportswomen since 1966.

The Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame has been lead by the following presidents: Dennis Beerling, Pat Lawson, Chuck Sebestyn, Rocky Rochelle, Doug Knott, Les Howey, Bob Reindl, Don McDonald, Don Cousins, Ed Bryant, Jerry Shoemaker and Keith McLean. The board of directors have been, and are, people who are keenly interested in the recognition of historic moments in Saskatoon sports.

At the inaugural ceremony, held in January, 1987, honors were bestowed upon 25 athletes, 22 builders and 10 teams. In ceremonies since, the board has chosen to annually honor five to six athletes, three to five builders and one to three teams.

To be eligible, athletes must have been Saskatoon residents at the time which they represented their sport with great distinction; builders must have been involved in one or more sports for a period of 20 years; and teams must have won at a national, international or world championship level.

The public is invited to participate by nominating athletes, builders or teams; the applications go before an induction committee; and final approval of the committee's decision must come from the board of directors.

For their excellence in sports, the inducted members are honored at an annual ceremonies dinner, held in most early years at the Saskatoon Field House and, more recently, at the Centennial Auditorium.

Inducted members also have their photographs laminated onto a wooden plaque for instillation on the walls of the front foyer of the Saskatoon Field House