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Lou Hough

Builders (1996)
Lou Hough was a founding member of the Saskatchewan Horse Federation, a member of the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society and an organizer of a number of trend-setting programs.

Lou was born in Bjorkdale, Saskatchewan, on June 8, 1923, moved to Saskatoon and was active in most sports, including baseball and horse riding, where he carried his natural instincts into community life. He was a YMCA member, an avid curler in the Legion program, winning the 1956 national finals, and helped launch a Saskatoon midget baseball league in 1957.

After being a member of the Saskatoon Riding Club from 1961 until 1985, he became an original founding member of the Saskatchewan Horse Federation in 1976, and was successful in bringing together 18 separate disciplines and breeds into one organization. He was its president from 1975 until 1978. He has been a member of the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society since 1976 and was Saskatchewan president for three years.

In 1985, he helped establish the Saskatchewan Heritage Equities, which honors four individuals each year and in 1989, he launched a thoroughbred classic series, which spread over four western provinces.

A breeder and trainer of retriever dogs, Lou was president of the Saskatchewan club from 1959 until 1961 and owned the national champion retriever, Duxbak Scooter, in 1961. 

Lou was a member of the board of directors of Sask Sport Inc. from 1975 until 1984, was president in 1980, and was chairman of the Lottery Committee for six years.
** Deceased