Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame

Allan Semeniuk

Wheelchair Rugby (2010)

Lisa MatternAllan Semeniuk has helped lift wheelchair rugby into international prominence and enjoyed the magic time when the sport was introduced at the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta. He played at the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan levels from 1987 until 2005. He was a member of Canada’s national team from 1991 until 2005. He also played a major role as Saskatchewan won gold medals at the nationals in powerhouse years from 1987 until 1993. He has won individual honours at four national playoffs. Allan first played in the world championships in Switzerland in 1995, with the Canadians taking silver. They took silver in 1996, in Atlanta. The Canadians were fourth in the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney and took silver in the 2004 Paralympics at Athens, Greece. Two other memorable triumphs were gold medals at the world championships in Sweden in 2002 and at the Canada Cup in 2004.